Unconditional Love and Reciprocity

Unconditional love is not only about learning to give love unconditionally, it’s also about learning to receive love unconditionally. In other words, you must learn to receive love without conditions as well. The lower self is very crafty. It can take your noble quest to love unconditionally, turn it on it’s head, and begin to judge the love coming back your way as inferior to “unconditional”, and convince you to reject it as sub-standard… that you deserve better. Whereas, your higher self would simply receive love in any form no questions asked because there was no reciprocity involved. In addition, the Soul understands that Love is EVERYWHERE and may come from many different sources and in many different ways. The higher self also understands that the most important thing is for love to be flowing at all times, therefore, it is paramount to receive and pass it on in whatever form it may present itself. So, if you are consciously practicing unconditional love, be sure to stay humble and remember that Love may come in any number of forms known and unknown to you. Do not be judgmental of anyone’s efforts. As well, remind yourself constantly that you are not doing anything that hasn’t already existed since the beginning of time… get over yourself.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Benjamin Whittier –
urdivinelight.wordpress.com – July 28, 2015

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