Illumined Me Illumined You

Illumined U    Illumined  ME… Illumined YOU 

Yes…we are all illumined, because all souls incarnate with Divine Energy Soul ‘Light’. The Soul is our true power source. Connecting with soul energy is key to connecting with inner balance and establishing personal/personality balance. With balance we have light. We all need light. Soul ‘light’ is the most precious and is truly the progenitor of self – ‘power force’.   Since all human beings are endowed with identical brilliantly illumined cosmic electrical soul energy force, then, all ethnic groups, specifically, all humans are equal under COSMIC LAW. Eternal energy Illumination in Western Christian cultures is referred to as our Soul Energy. Hindu Cultures refer to it as Atma energy. While Hebrew Cultures refer to soul as the Nefesh living soul energy. In Arabic the Qur’an references the illumined soul energy as Nafs. Accordingly, although there are different names used with various nuances of meaning in reference to the word  ‘soul’, the everlasting immutable divine presence and potency of human soul light, irrevocably confirms we are all ’KIN FOLK’ to each and every member of the human race. We are ONE RACE- matters not where we live on this planet. THIS ETERNAL IMMUTABLE CEASELESS SOUL LIGHT ENERGY EXISTS IN THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE!


Friends, for spiritual light/luminosity, it is necessary to have AN UNDERSTANDING and  AWARENESS of  the SEVEN PRINCIPLES of UNIVERSAL COSMIC LAW  (the seven laws of truth which are spiritual light), because THE UNIVERSE, which includes our planet earth can only EXIST WITHIN THE ENERGY FRAMEWORK  OF THESE  UNIVERSAL COSMIC LIGHT BALANCE LAWS, in which said laws hold the universe together.  All human beings live, breathe, and unfold our lives along various energy paths within these IMMUTABLE LIGHT LAWS of  the Universe from the  Divine Energy Mind of the Absolute Reality….The ALL. Nothing exists above or beyond the perpetual immutable Omnipresence of the Absolute Reality.  

So, we must establish our personal reality balance within these Universal Laws.   Accordingly, be aware, and be cognizant that when we make choices and select personal behavior options, we generate AN ENERGY LIGHT RECORD (known as karma). Thus In the same manner that each of us has soul energy light, equally each of us has a life light record, that reflects the ratio of light/dark energies each of us has generated in unfolding each and every life incarnation. This record is referred to as our ‘AKASHIC RECORD’….our karmic record. We each build our individual karmic light record. This record is a permanent record of the positive/negative energy light we have transmitted to the world, our planet, throughout our many incarnations.

When linked, luminous energy behavior, actions, speech, and thoughts are coalesced. Then, THE BROTHERHOOD OF HUMANITY has a clearer vision of the paths to embark upon to maximize opportunities for all people to thrive and unfold creative brilliance in individual and planetary development.  We must all be cognizant, ensuring the choices we make are IN HARMONY with the principles of Universal cosmic laws, only then, can humanity and the planet thrive. It is incumbent upon us all, by our behavior to transmit positive light energy to our beloved planet. Each and every life action choice, namely, all the energies connected with unfolding life development, generates a record combination of positive/negative energy light mix which is connected/bound to our personal condition, and by extension, to our planet from incarnation to incarnation. Collectively, the karmic records of humanity impact/influence the degree of light balance benefiting our planet in its developing evolution. It is a cosmic truth that the karmic records of humanity impact the condition/well-being of our planet.  It is clear, from viewing the dismal conditions of suffering, disease, and violent losses of life occurring on our planet that there must be a vastly greater commitment by humanity to transmit light and love.

A balancing of positive and negative energies in our personal record is required by karmic law. The balancing offers us more opportunities for creative works of light, which further illumine our planet and the myriad of life forms within the planet, including humanity. What is immutable is that fundamental principle ….the COSMIC LAW of CAUSE and EFFECT……..  PERPETUALLY IN FORCE WORKING IN THE LIVES OF HUMAN BEINGS and all living entities of this planet earth. When we make choices and take actions that are in harmony with the ceaselessly perpetuating, manifesting universal Cosmic Light Energy Laws, our life unfolds more positively with increasing opportunities for expansion and transmission of our inner illumined energy, Namely, maximizing our multiple creative successful experiences and projects. Remembering always, within our existing individual and planetary karmic limitations, that living a creative light life builds a positive KARMIC ENERGY LIGHT BALANCE ACCOUNT.  Positive karmic energy built up over a life-time of incarnations works similarly as does a savings account… it  is a stored spiritual source of Powerful Positive Karmic Energy Light Force, which is the protection and power available to us to confront life’s challenges, build careers, build balanced bodily health, as well as an existing energy force to assist in individual healing, and further,  as an energy light force source perpetually in operation and available to us for creating, building, and developing complex projects beneficial to suffering deprived human brotherhood.  Equally, if the choices we select and the actions we take are NOT in harmony with the universal principles of COSMIC LAW, life unfolds with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, inescapable darkness, including planetary chaos.

Yet, don’t be fooled by today’s darkened world conditions. Regardless of the apparent dark and negative out of balance choices of the past that have plunged our planet into chaos, now, more than ever in our planet’s history do we have the necessary help, in the form of a cosmic energetic web called THE PHOTON BELT, to raise the vibration of humanity in concert with our beloved planet earth GAIA, and ascend to a 5th dimensional existence where such chaos can no longer exist. This is indeed a remarkable time in our history and our Universe. We must all commit to making changes, adjustments enabling  positive light actions to prevail that are not self – serving, blatantly selfish, harmful, or blocking the progress of others on the planet, and ultimately even ourselves. Please do your research regarding the Photon Belt and related occurrences of our present time. There is much to be learned and much assistance you can offer during this transition.

Take care to not allow the pollution of your own mind by yourself, or equally be not polluted by the unseemly influence of others.  If you are a responsible captain of your ship, you will not pollute your mind, nor will you allow others to pollute your mind, mess up your ship of life or wreak havoc on the planet.  Because the perpetual immutable law of karma (Cause and Effect) the law of balance, works perpetually, irrespective of human power or influence, and can result in horrifying effects in personal lives and on the planet, when continuous out of balance dark negative actions persist individually or planet wide. Being not in harmony with COSMIC LAWS,  ultimately, without exception, will manifest in a myriad of negative, dark blocking effects, severely dimming or seriously blocking ones access to the divine luminosity of the soul, the divine power gift of light. The ABSOLUTE REALITY…THE ALL….that has enabled humanity with our innate soul illumination, to pursue with intellect, a life that unfolds creatively, effectively, with positive energies illuminating our planet in glorious ways. We must understand the Principle…of CAUSE and EFFECT…….the UNIVERSAL  COSMIC KARMIC LAW…. with their intrinsic immutable involvement in individual and planetary life. Once understood, these laws enable us to manifest creative light brilliance in our personal lives and on the planet and thus we will not be purveyors of darkness to the planet, or even within our personal lives, we shall be bearers of LIGHT, because yes, in our core we are ALL illumined beings!! Even the ones who may be committing the most horrible of atrocities, in their core, there is nothing but light.

Hence, don’t be fooled by the dark energy coming your way from anyone, focus your attention on the light being within, the GOD within every single one of us. This is everyone’s true nature, regardless. If as a collective we practice this simple, yet difficult principle, we shall reap the benefits. Remember, the dark energies want to survive as all living entities do. When we respond to negativity with more negativity, like a rain cloud, it swells over those involved and feeds itself as clouds store evaporated water from the sea. The HIGHER path is to simply NOT GIVE IT ANY ENERGY. Then like a puff of smoke it shall eventually disappear. This is true on individual as well as collective levels.  

So friends, let us be known by the brilliance of our works of ‘Light’ on behalf of family, friends, community, and the world at large. Namaste.


                              © 2015 UR Divine Light  Jayda Garland Whittier


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