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As sad and as shocking as it may seem, there are many in the human race who perceive money power as having the capacity to over-ride Soul power.  This perception is nothing less than a Grand Hoax!  Now this is, certainly, not to minimize or devalue the power of money, first of all, let’s understand that both of these powers are forces of ENERGY.  Soul power by and of itself is a Balancing Energy Force-frequency, which when activated, will always provide Positive Energy Balance Force for developing unfolding incarnated life!

Money is also energy-power, however without the balancing factor of Soul Power Energy, money can and does, too often, have the potential to open up life pathways which can be detrimental and even sorrow producing, thus limiting incarnation progress.  The potential of this danger looms significantly great when the balancing positive power force of the soul has not been sufficiently activated.  For maximum positive creative life outcomes, soul power and money power should be developed and working as co-existing working energy forces.  Soul power is like having excellent brakes on the car.  Braking power prevents the car from running wild without control. Soul power is the balancing force that strengthens the personality vehicle from excesses and other out of balance unreasonable potentially destructive behavior.

Are you SLUMBERING?  Or have you awakened to your inner vehicle soul power force, and thus now are beginning to feel an unfamiliar and slowly surging, strong awareness of the presence of your Soul Power Energy Force in your life?  This gradual, though notable, inner feeling of balance, personal strength, and creativity result from one taking via personal determination and dedication, control of their personal destiny and progressive development. The daily time devoted (even a few minutes each day) dedicated to channeling energies directed towards tapping into higher inner energy frequencies will signal one’s soul to send positive powerful energy responses down to the individual personality vehicle, acknowledging efforts by the individual personality’s vehicle contacts with the soul.  Accordingly, by the personality vehicle unfolding energy, such as dedicated meditating, along with eliminating distracting negative energy thought and behavior patterns, in time, the soul vehicle/individual personality relationship is deepened and strengthened. This strengthened soul/personality relationship is rewarded with gradual yet palpable soul energy responses, namely: surging feelings of personal power capabilities, the overcoming of fears, stronger health, notable ability/desires to be more flexible, a stronger sense of inner self-purpose reality, and increased willingness and ABILITY TO FORGIVE!!

Deepening soul power awareness, must and does stem primarily from our own self-willed personal determination. Striving to stress personal self-inner determination, or Will, since it can be clearly demonstrated how minimal is the focus of the world’s mass media sources on promoting  the reality of the available inner positive soul sourced energy force available for use by each and every individual personality who determines to access this inner source of energy power to maximize personal control over the unfolding of one’s life.

Whereas we see endless media sources focusing on TV and print messages, many subliminal messages, about money power with mass media constantly lionizing and emphasizing one’s need to possess money and or material possessions to fulfill life’s desires. These media messages ceaselessly running, all day and night. ‘State of the art’ TV commercials extol the benefits of money power and related consumer pursuits and acquisitions, including how to protect your money power assets, especially for peaceful and pleasant retirement at an elder age. While there is nothing wrong with planning, investing, or saving money for that matter, doing so out of fear of what the future may bring is most definitely the best way to attract precisely that which you are fearing. You’ve heard of the phrase, “birds of a feather flock together”, right? Well, so it is for thought forms. If your focus is on saving because you are fearing a future situation of scarcity,  read more

then, unfortunately, this is what you will ATTRACT, scarcity. Instead, focus your energy on all the positive things this money will be able to do for yourself and the world. Envision how it’s energy will benefit others through services contracted, jobs sustained, donations, families enriched from your commerce, and such. I’m sure you’re already feeling more relaxed, peaceful, and positive about the future. And in addition, you are contributing thought forms of abundance to the earth plane as opposed to thoughts forms of scarcity. As such, contributing to the reservoir of thought forms of abundance available to all.

Friends, it is not too hard to perceive the dangers and risks that loom for defenseless elder citizens, or any citizens for that matter, whose assembly line created personalities (we refer to those personalities developing or developed over a lifetime without the benefits of inner soul energy input), have to rely principally and primarily on their material world ‘assembly line’ created personality’s weaker energy forces to try and survive. Whereas, in contrast, soul developed personalities that have evolved by tapping into the inner higher soul and higher energy plane frequencies,  find by the time they have arrived at an elder age, are significantly more in control of shaping their life events.  Clearly, elders handicapped by functioning with ‘assembly line’ developed personalities confront a significantly higher potential risk of being moved around like ‘pieces’ on a chessboard, or even worse, being warehoused in unfamiliar rigid routine facilities for the aged.. These potential risks are maximized if the elder finds him/herself being directed by others who themselves are self–centered and only ‘marginally’ soul evolved. When personal physical energy and strength are waning, YOUR MOST POWERFUL ASSET IS  YOUR DIVINE DEVELOPED ACCESSIBLE  SOUL POWER!!

So we ask, where are the programs, TV commercials and print media urging the awakening awareness about developing soul power force? Do we not need programs which inform about the benefits of developing one’s inner energy soul power? Yes, of course, we do! For sure TV messages can and should direct viewer attention to the eternal inner power source energy resources.

We need mass media to illuminate and help awaken awareness of our Real and Immutable inner soul energy power source. Once aware of the inner reality, one is illumined and enabled to begin the process of breaking away from ‘herd mass mentality syndrome’, or at least stir one’s own self-power to explore their beliefs and actions, i.e., to basically stop and take time to examine the rationale behind what one does, thinks about, and pursues. But, as the expression goes, “do not hold your breath”, for the awakening revolution will not be televised. Allow your inner creative energy powers to guide you, allow yourself to step out of, via channeling positive power inner energies, the ‘mold’ society seems to have created for you without your own soul energy input and guidance. You know… the unmistakable ‘instant YOU’ created by society’s automatic entrenched, ceaselessly working, systemic assembly line process. PLEASE NOTE, you do have the right and the power force  to jump off this assembly line process. Especially, when one channels soul power energy. The soul power energy force fortifies the individual personality vehicle as it is steering its’ course through evolving and developing life choices/options.

However friends, let’s just take a moment to reiterate, re-emphasize, and reinforce A UNIVERSAL COSMIC TRUTH. It matters not which phase of life one is experiencing, Soul Power Energy Force Frequencies are the premier defensive/offensive Energy Tools, Energy Assets, and Energy Weapons to have developed and/or be developing for progress and protection. Because NOTHING over-rides soul power energy frequencies. So, since one’s own commitment and dedication to strengthening one’s individual personality body vehicle connection to the inner soul body is the unfailing way to promote what will advance the good for all humanity, including that of one’s self, each person can and should encourage, by being an example, an advocate for tapping into and developing inner soul vehicle energy force. Don’t be deterred, hesitant or distracted by consumer-oriented ‘state of the art’ TV commercials or programming, mindless mass social media, and/or difficult individual life bureaucratic pressures from family and work.  Be a personal ‘force’,  or super-hero, find just even fifteen minutes and day to contribute to your energies and efforts of awakening, whenever, wherever possible… quiet moments in the car, the office, a park bench, heck, even when you need to go to the bathroom. read more

An awareness of tapping into, connecting and streaming down to the individual personality, eternal positive inner soul power energy helps us understand intuitively about our True Inner Reality. While, at the same time, continually eliminating our need /desire to cling to third-dimensional material world fleeting illusions. Yes, fleeting, because all conditions and situations, everything of the material world of matter is bound by the force of this Universal Cosmic Law: Nothing Rests, Everything Moves…there is constant movement, not possible to cling to material world illusions, beliefs, or belongings. Seek and Discover your Inner World Realities and Dimensions, these are your Eternal Truths!

Be cognizant! Soul power energy force needs to be developed over a lifetime to enable entrenchment and unfailing deployment of soul power benefits of: balance, positive self-power, creativity, peace, stable health, and protection in managing life’s ongoing challenges.

With the expansion of consciousness and development of higher soul power connections, simultaneously one’s Intuitive powers are developing. The latent powers of higher mind frequencies are activated and can be drawn, streamed down, to the physical mind and brain. These higher soul energies, which enable one to recognize illusion for what it is, and to then begin the process of transmuting lower energy illusions out of one’s reality. This will begin to happen when dedicated individual personality efforts and positive energy actions are consistently occurring. Unmistakably, one will feel, begin to recognize, and sense strengthening energies flowing gradually into their personality body vehicle. No need to feel alarmed by these heretofore unknown strengthening energies, just be comforted knowing and understanding that one’s consciousness is now expanding enabling one to harness the cosmic universe energies that can lead to positive energy creative endeavors being a manifested Reality, meaning one is now being less and less carried along in ‘assembly line fashion’, without having  or having only very limited soul input guidance. It is soul power energy essence presence, which leads one to be able to grasp Inner Reality Energies rather than being overwhelmed by third lower energy dimension consumer illusions and fantasies. BE ENCOURAGED HOPEFUL, YOUR SOUL IS AWAITING your personality vehicle’s AWAKENING AND AWARENESS of the reality of its inner powerful positive energy force available to guide and embrace you in positive WORK creativity!



ARE YOU SLUMBERING? One may be slumbering, if work energies are primarily devoted to external world personality pursuits, to do so is very risky,  leaving the individual personality vehicle vulnerable to potentially overwhelming negative, out of balance, even predatory energies. UNDERSTAND, true balance evolves when the external physical individual personality vehicle and the inner soul energy vehicle are working, functioning, synergistically.  For when SYNERGY is working, the external human form vehicle, and the inner spiritual soul vehicle evolve and develop BALANCE. UNEQUIVOCALLY, THIS IS THE FOOLPROOF FORMULA for the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN PERSONALITY’S SUCCESS TO CHANNEL, STREAM DOWN, INNER ENERGY FORCE POWER, CREATIVITY, SUCCESS, and HEALTH TO THE PHYSICAL VEHICLE. With focused daily inner spiritual work connections, one can be the beneficiary of his/her own inner spiritual soul power energy force.  BE AWAKE, MAKE THE CONNECTIONS TO INNER SOUL POWER ENERGY!

Dear friends, please understand the contents of the material posted here is no way dogmatic. It is offered in the context and support of our desire, in a continuing format, to awaken an awareness (whenever/wherever possible) of the opportunity we have to better understand and evaluate our personal experiences by tapping into and channeling down to the physical vehicle formidable Soul Energy Power.  As we learn and discover more about our inner subtle (unseen) spiritual vehicles we soon will uncover deeper, fuller, and a more fundamental and profound interpretation of the significance of personal life experiences.  We are all free to believe and accept that which our experiences confirm, Dogma is not a personal experience, Dogma is a set of principles and /or beliefs preconceived and unquestioned by the personal mind nor proven by personal experience

Friends, be fully cognizant, Discovery of the Available Positive Power Force of our Soul requires consistent, focused, dedicated WORK on the part of the individual physical personality vehicle.

Our Soul body/vehicle is in itself a body of light, and for its fullest most powerful manifestation, our soul has three other vehicles it expands and develops through.  These are our Emotional body/, Mental body, and our Physical body.  It is through the close intimate mutual collaboration of all three bodies, which enable us to expand our soul body consciousness,

  •  It is helpful and necessary to understand and have tools for soul work expansion.
  • Meditation is a powerful tool to assist in quieting the inner-self, in order to fix focus on the powerful subtle bodies within.
  • Focusing on a serene and beautiful picturesque scenery or picture, take the mind away from stress which inhibits efforts to quiet oneself,
  • Reflecting on wonderful inspiring family experiences, also help to relax the physical vehicle enabling a steady inner energy focus.
  •  It takes practice to still the mind.
  • One must be willing to over and over again return the wandering mind/mental body back to a state of quiet repose.
  •  In time the individual vehicle is able to sustain the stress-less calmness required for inner work.

Avail yourselves of the numerous sources on the internet freely sharing meditation techniques, of which there are many and it is up to you to find the one that suits you the best. An interested developing spiritual individual, once advised, that placing a lightweight transparent material scarf over their head, assisted in shutting out external interfering energy sounds and other distractions, thus allowing, implementing and facilitating free flowing focused energy streams to access inner higher energy power frequency plane where the Soul exists in its Causal Body. In this way, or any other chosen, we can confirm to ourselves we are striving for wisdom and Soul Power.


Peace, Love Blessings,,,,,, remember… You Are Divine Light!!

Jayda and Ben











































































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