Body Of Light

Many, perhaps too many, are wondering and may immediately query what is meant by ‘body of light’?

Folks, at this point, let us share how to connect with soul power, information possibly unknown due to unawareness, and possibly due to efforts to CONCEAL  this information about connecting to your subtle inner soul power energies. (our inner soul light power energy). Connecting to soul energies has been accepted and reconfirmed for millions of years. This Information is known as Esoteric Science (the exploration and explanation of subtle (not seen/invisible) phenomena which, throughout time, has been understood as the process and science of energies that unfold evolutionary developments which lie beyond the understanding and comprehension of the average individual modern day life.

  • For example, we individuals have three lower bodies: physical vehicle/body, emotional vehicle/body, and the mental vehicle/body. Further, we have a higher powerful positive energy light soul body/vehicle.  Specifically, the physical body is manifest (visible to our vision).  The other named vehicles/bodies are subtle, though manifested, visually unseen.
  • Each individual has the responsibility, once consciously aware of his/her POWER of CHOICE, to MANAGE and MONITOR their physical body so that it is channeling and transmitting consistently positive higher light frequency energies through their mental thought patterns, physical behavior actions  to the subtle vehicles/ bodies: (emotional and mental ) which  continuously, integrate with the Soul, the true self!

Friends, we are writing to encourage everyone’s becoming aware of the necessity to enable the mind to seek greater power by opening up to a new process of thinking, to integrate spirituality, science, and religion, allowing our heart to transmit greater light and love energies that strengthen individual personal productivity, enabling greater evolutionary personal development that can fill the lower body/vehicles with light building energies, enabling the mind to be more flexible in its process of thinking, for integrating spirituality, science, psychology, and religion. It is this integration process that awakens the individual’s perceptions and understanding that we are multidimensional. Thus we have to work not only with channeling light energies to the physical body house/vehicle but also to its’ emotional and mental body/vehicle energy -parts, which are part and parcel with the visible manifested physical body.   We must also be diligent in supplying our higher level dimension soul body (on the 4th intuitional dimension) with consistently more and more light. Even though our soul Itself is a light body, one must continuously channel light to the soul light body (which envelopes the physical body), to enable the soul to be maximally manifest in this material world and in our personality physical body, while continuing on the soul’s evolutionary journey to its’ divine spiritual source.  One’s higher 4th dimension soul light body needs our lower body composite positive energies: namely, the lower physical, mental, and emotional bodies to work in unison for defining/refining, and/or redefining these three lower bodies enabling them to become ‘fit’ transmitters of light energies to the soul body.

At birth, before one becomes self -conscious, the three lower bodies develop with light and love infused and internalized from one’s caring family.  However, once the individual becomes self-conscious and responsible for choices made, options selected, it is the individual’s responsibility to build fit bodies of light.  The concept of becoming ‘fit’ is well known, since, countless hours, time and money is spent trying to define/refine the physical body to be more ‘fit’.

Listen up,  it is not only possible, it is pivotal to the light bodybuilding process to monitor the emotional energies and mental thought patterns that one is constantly channeling, in order to become more spiritually ‘fit’.  Be aware that ones’ consistent emotional energies become the pattern of one‘s emotional body structure.  Negative, angry, spiteful, and other negative energy emotions stymie and obstruct positive light energies from becoming the essence of your emotional body structure, which is very harmful to individuals’ development and spiritual soul progress since the soul light body will not interact with negative energies.  Accordingly, without soul energy guidance connection the individual personality is seriously limited in soul light body essence communications. In turn, individual personal development and progress in the third dimension material earth plane world will be very problematical and notably unnecessarily disruptive.  To prevent, redefine and refine the emotional body energies and mental thought patterns, one must monitor and manage their energy body, and mental body thought patterns by transmuting transforming the negative energies. No longer allow the emotional and mental bodies to experience selfish negative energy thoughts nor emotions. To ultimately enable one to exist in higher positive energy realms, for stronger connections with the intuitive dimension of the soul, and fuller realization of one’s goals and aspirations, and service, there has to be decisive ‘spot-on’ control of the energies one is channeling.

Similarly, with the mental energy body house/vehicle, there must be a restructuring redefining/refining process project, illuminate your mental house/vehicles with pure loving light, glistening positive creative thought pattern energies,  within a reasonable time, one will begin to experience and note their individual personality life inaugurates a much-welcomed soul lighted guided path to pursue, while crucially, also, transmitting (channeling, ) ongoing positive light energies to the higher soul level dimension.

Make No Mistake, individuals must always determine to monitor the ‘light state’ of their three lower body vehicles ( physical, emotional, mental), as a participant in the Divine Plane of the All.. the Absolute Reality.

Be committed, make sure the body you live in is a lighted personality body/vehicle.  This can never be overstressed. One’s daily reminder about their body of ‘light’  is the monitoring that is needed.

Perhaps one is thinking about the building materials required for building the ‘body of light’.  Let’s name the important body of light useful building materials: Emotional and mental thought energies of Love, Caring, positive sacrifice, pleasant and beautiful mental images, dedicated consistent quiet time, helpfulness, selflessness, are all positive energy light building materials.

Friends, we have discussed building light into ones three lower body/vehicles. Further, one must be equally as vigilant about expanding the light which we are channeling.  When we speak of expanding, building one’s divine soul body with increased positive light energies, we refer to light building work on a much higher plane/dimension of the cosmic universe.  Specifically, the spiritual soul exists on a subtle higher intuitional plane, and the building of light into the soul body is ever more advanced work required for expanding our consciousness on higher spiritual levels.

The essence of consciousness is light.  Accordingly, consciousness expansion is tantamount to the expansion of Light. Our soul is already cognizant of being a light body, and, as well, that it needs to grow in light consciousness. Each individual personality needs to play an active vital role in the process of building a greater more magnificent light into their soul body. All spiritual soul bodies seek to maximize their potential within the higher divine realms.  Always seeking a fuller realization of its’ spiritual soul potential in higher divine dimensions.

Therefore, each individual personality, by taking advantage of every opportunity here on the earth plane to channel positive energies into their lower vehicle bodies, (physical, emotional, mental) is playing a major role in the expansion of light consciousness by the higher divine soul body,  evolving in the higher divine realms.  Assisting in one’s own divine soul body light expansion enables each one’s divine soul greater actualization in their lower physical earth plane life unfoldment

We need to understand and emphasize, in the same manner we feel it our responsibility to increase our education for a more fulfilling life, with greater opportunity etc..  Equally, we need to be active workers as self – conscious responsible light worker individuals, to work on a higher spiritual dimension level to expand  maximize possible positive conscious energy light of our soul body, which, in turn, will become an even stronger presence in one’s personal life evolution

It is essential to understand that profound essential consciousness is one and the same as light.  Consciousness is light and light is consciousness, thus when one increases consciousness, one increases their ever-expanding range of light expansion. Do not allow your emotions to be dominated by worry, pettiness, selfish self-centered superficial desire, because if one consistently channels conflictive and self -serving energy emotions, these negative low-level light energies will dominate ones emotional body, over-riding with negative energies one’s essential positive light emotional body development/growth.  Caution, do not replace the positive emotional body with a negative emotional body, that limits the lower emotional body interaction transmission connections with the higher soul body’ light’s continuing requirements for greater expansion of soul light.  One’s higher soul does not allow transmission of negative selfish energies into the soul body.  We all know individuals who seem to always complain, being in an ongoing negative mood. Do not allow negative energy to dominate your lower emotional body mood, because it limits higher soul light development and expansion.  Similarly, with the lower mind-body, do not allow your lower mind to harbor selfish, evil, aggressive thought patterns because these types of lower mind energies are disallowed by the higher level mind and thus impede the development of light expansion by the soul body.

One is reminded over and over, that light building, which is consciousness expansion, is work one must build on a daily basis, because channeling positive light energy is a process that can not be done automatically for the personal individual self,  it must be done by the self-conscious determined individual work effort.

In this light bodybuilding process, breath is a powerful tool.  Think about your breath, for ones breath is actually the divine life of nature, the ever-present Divine Absolute. Take a deep breath realizing one is taking in the Divine Life of Nature and how glorious it is. Be conscious of your breath, and how it can help you in being able to realize your own divine nature. Taking in deep breaths helps in connecting with the soul, your true self.  Always be mindful that the soul must be able to grow essentially, in ever expanding light energies, which, we in our capacity as individual personalities must determine to channel ( via our three lower bodies: emotional, mental, physical) to our soul body for it’s expanding light development growth.  Be aware that even though one’s soul is eternally a high-frequency light, it has an ever-expanding range of continued light growth development/expansive capacity, and the individual personality being, must assist their soul in its’ ever-expanding range of light energy development.  Yes, each individual must be aware of their required participation in the light expansion process of their soul. Help your soul, be in your personal life, as an ever-increasing divine realization of your soul’s Divine God Force. Manifest daily a BRIGHTER MORE LUMINOUS ENERGY FORCE SOUL POWER transmission to its lower bodies and to our planet.

Purpose: Friends we must as much as possible have an understanding of the purposes of body light building. There are many opportunities opened allowing one to re-build restructure the mental and emotional body structures built into us by ones earlier environment and family energy influences.  Meaning one can, with conscious intention, rebuild, redefine, increasingly more powerful lighted lower body/vehicles. which will open up greater opportunities for life choices, as these lower body/vehicles become more luminous connections with their soul body light. Eliminated is that personality static closed energy of resignation, feeling  and thinking one is being moved along on a conveyor belt of life, without freedom of choice.  Feeling like a herd of sheep being driven in a not intended choice of life.  When there is a more abundant flow of creative positive light energy filling the lower body vehicles, there is a much greater interactive connection with the soul body and its expansive soul body light evolutionary force power. Furthermore, with our ever-increasing connections with the higher intuitive dimension level of the soul, one is continuously increasing personal energies of power force and wisdom for guidance in confronting life challenges and frustrations.

Friends, this very ancient and effective mantra below chanted and/or repeated silently is

“I am the soul

I am light divine

I am will

I am purpose

I am fixed design

I am beneficial service”

This short mantra repeated daily, as often as possible, is a very helpful mental energy thought form towards strengthening ones resolve to channel creative positive light energies to ones lower energy body vehicles with onward transmission to the soul and its extensive light building range.

In Love and Peace,”

Jayda Whittier © 2016 UR Divine Light

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