The HUMAN Physical Body’s Manifested Response Mechanism Apparatus For Life’s unfoldment
Our manifested physical personality vehicle is truly our physical manifested body epicenter. Meaning, our physical body is the central dense matter point from which we humans respond, react and interact with our environment, while unfolding individual evolution. Notably the human physical body is not a seed or a germ, it simply a manifested vehicle with the equipment to unfold and spread positive energy frequencies throughout this cosmic physical plane. The human physical vehicle (entire humanity) is on a difficult pilgrimage through the dense matter energy frequencies on this 7th cosmic earth plane
Let’s then, think of the human being’s physical body (the personality vehicle) as their external dense matter epicenter. It is from this dense matter epicenter source, namely, the physical brain that enables us to control and manage emotions, thoughts, actions, activities, relationships, strategies etc. Hence, the manifested physical body vehicle is one’s external ‘captain’ directing the unfoldment of one’s evolutionary life journey. This is a “tall order” for the physical personality vehicle, by its self, without higher inner subtle spiritual invisible energy guiding sources.
That being said, in order for one to find life success with meaningful interpersonal and general interactive relationships, there needs to be Awareness. Macrocosmically speaking, we need an awareness of our inner spiritual seed. That immutable everlasting divine energy seed essence aspect of our cosmic physical plane of nature, which is the embodiment of the divine unfolding consciousness,and cannot be overridden. To attempt to do so, to the exclusion of divine higher energy direction, will cause chaos and one’s power seeking will Fail, The fall of kingdoms, ruthless leaders over centuries confirms this. When we speak of expanding our consciousness, we speak of individual dedication to monitor, as objectively as possible, one’s thoughts, behavior, inner and outer relationships, in order to foster embracing the divine energy aspect light and balance, available to us all. We just have to disengage some of the denser energies of the 7th dimensional cosmic physical plane of nature where we find ourselves, and which if we are not careful, can misdirect our energies to more selfish related negative lower energies, such as fear, envy, greediness, excessive anger, hatred, denial of human oneness, and other lower negative energies, which can and do inhibit even block out the positive energies, which can and will be aspect beacons of powerful cosmic consciousness energy. A leading path light, on the journey towards being, workers of light and love on the planet, matters not what work or profession is chosen, enabling ourselves to find success in the many different sectors of creative life work,
We want the physical body to register a positive spiritually conscious response to its environment. However, it is essential to remember the physical human body is not the seed or germ of anything. Principally, the physical body… must be the conscious response to and embracer of the ongoing revelation of an emerging divinity. We must be a part of and participant in an outflowing of light and love. Principally, because this is the Divine Plan of Nature…the Absolute Reality Principle. Humanity is constantly seeking power. This search for power is acceptable, but it must be within the energy scope of Light Divine otherwise chaos, degenerative forces, rather than positive creative generative forces, will attempt to override the energies of positive power. However, be Aware that, it is with the Planetary Logos, the inner divine spiritual monitors and guides of humanity, wherein lies the ultimate final controlling power, beyond which man cannot override.

© Jayda Whittier UR Divine Light.org 2016

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