There are so many admonitions (shouldn’t do- don’t do) in our society/culture that we as developing evolving energy-entity-souls, often feel intimidated about pursuing a project that could even eventually benefit society. Past history confirms this. For example, Mr. Nicola Tesla over-came many obstacles, outright attacks, and the destruction of his laboratory.  However, Mr. Tesla profoundly believing in the validity of his projects steadfastly pursued these projects, such as, the A/C power for our current electricity grid, wireless radio technology, and even X-ray, not to mention free energy technologies that only now are being revealed. Today, as a result of his determination and belief, we have many tools, for example, the internet, cell phones, computers, the list goes on and on.  So, I am saying don’t give up on your positive energy projects because one day your project could be associated with a whole new genre of advancements and opportunities for humanity. BE STEADFAST!!  Expand your body of light it’s your Power source for moving forward!


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