Wake Up To Light (Building our House of Light)


In one of the esoteric teachings, the following meditation phrase is given:

“I build a lighted house and therein dwell”

At birth, there are certain nutritional emotional requirements we must have to develop, grow, have a meaningful life. For example, proper nutrition, meaningful loving care, discipline, positive learning environment. Further, of equal priority, but less focused on by society, is the requirement to be taught, understand from an early age, to connect with the true ‘self’ one’s soul. The inner ‘soul self’ must be developed, we have our physical vehicle for actions/behavior bearing positive higher energy light frequencies   When we develop patience, consideration for others’ interests, we are developing with luminous light, the inner soul self thus builds and expands our body of light, and we evolve. Yes, our soul is energy light, but our soul yearns to expand its light further via the numerous positive energy experiences unfolding in our daily life behavior. Be daily light vigilant.

Everyone’s soul has incarnated many times in different physical vehicles in differing environments for the fulfillment of our soul’s evolution, and the planetary evolution. Our soul is LIGHT, AND WE MUST in our incarnation EXPAND OUR SOUL LIGHT.  Isn’t that beautiful and inspiring to know that we are DIVINE LIGHT? First of all, this gives us a sense of renewed responsibility and motivated determination to commit to expansion and further building our lighted soul house; it is not pre-done for us. This shows us a great aim in life… to build a lighted house and therein dwell.

Next, we need to understand two meanings in this; one is related to our personality physical vehicle and the other meaning has to do with our soul. Our mental, emotional, and physical parts of self can be filled with light. Yet the higher level of our self, our soul, needs to also be filled with light, and in fact, our soul is BUILT of LIGHT and further develops only by further higher-frequency energy light experiences.  We all love the luminous light in our life. So spring into action now, no time to lose, our body and life need to be uplifted by ever-increasing positive light experiences that dislodge the dark negative energies from your life. Allowing one to wake up and manifest the light energies and build the successes yearned for so long!!!

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