With our incarnated life, we have scheme options to choose from, follow, unfold, and pursue one’s life evolutionary JOURNEY development. Scheme options for unfolding can range from ‘My way’, ‘Your Way’, and ‘N way’.  Since we as individuals are known by our ‘works’, (not by our endless chatting w/little concrete light expanding works) we need to understand that  the quality of works resulting generally from ‘your way’ and ‘my way’ are unquestionably much more light producing than the less light and lower energy frequency of ‘N’ scheme works KNOWN as the scheme associated with producing the least amount of productive mutually beneficial light ‘works’ is the ‘N’ scheme, (‘N’ meaning schemes with little to no structure, focus, flailing), depending too much on trying to benefit from the works of other dedicated more structured souls.  The most productive works generally are works that follow the schemes known as ‘my way’ and/or ‘your way’, these two schemes are sufficiently structured to lead towards beneficially positive productive work.  Scheme ‘N’ indicates, a limited dedication to producing caring works nor, reaching out to produce works potentially able to uplift us the community of evolving souls. , The ‘N ‘ no way work effort borders on slip shod commitment to sacrificial efforts for reaching out towards one’s community and world to uptick conditions , for example, Even small efforts such as a smile, acts of patience, reaching out with a willing hand, volunteering for works beneficial to others, these are just a few examples of light energies that build our bodies of light, expand our evolving consciousness, while at the same time transmitting positive light energy works that can uplift the surrounding energies of our neighbors friends and community.  WE MUST TRANSMIT LIGHT VIA EXPANDING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS WITH life scheme options enabling productive light works.  ‘N’ scheme works are generally contrary to needed light works, robbing us our communities of much needed expanding light energies. BE COMMITTED.  BE DEDICATED TO UNDERSTANDING FROM BIRTH  U  R  DIVINE LIGHT,  WE MUST EXPAND OUR LIGHTED VEHICLE WITH EXPANDING OUR BIRTH LIGHT!!      THANK YOU. Spirit Seven International,  http://www.urdivine

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