Biodiversity – Our Safety Net


Have you ever awakened and found yourself saying, “Gosh, I’m damn lucky and blessed to be living on this Planet Earth.”, then, a few hours later, find yourself trashing the planet with YOUR Trash! dumped wherever!  carelessly and shamefully abandoning the effortless, yet the simple habit of placing disposable trash in designated containers, oophs, thus, by such carelessness, contributing to a global litter and waste problem? I, myself, as an example, when walking, or if driving SHAMEFULLY over the years, on occasions, have tossed small trash items out the window or on the pavement. Living here on the earth plane is a PRIVILEDGE. The only way we can preserve planet Earth is by dedicated, daily, earth caring, loving behavior, just as we do for our loved ones. Something as simple as turning off the lights where not needed helps conserve our energy resources. We gotta Embrace Our Planet!! For example, we need to insist on having alternative and renewable energy sources in the same way we insist on getting a raise, employment, a vehicle, or even respect from others. Even though, on an individual level, we may have not created these fossil fuel energy resources, as a collective, we CAN demand, for the sake of our home planet earth, a move to renewable energy resources. A global renewable energy revolution. Be informed and support the development of alternative energy sources. Talk to your congressperson about renewable energy and conservation or whatever other government you may be living under. Do It Starting Now!!

Our wonderful planet gifts us with what we need to survive. Endless wind, solar, water, and electrical power sources. All of which can be harnessed without the use of fossil fuels. Further, we need to be profoundly AWARE, humanity is not the only species occupying this planet earth. Biodiversity is a requirement for HUMANITY to survive, not the planet. Homo Sapiens, humanity, MUST be diligent to develop new trash disposal technologies (or better yet, use primarily biodegradable materials in our every day lives), protection of our waterways, air, land, and the species that live therein. Because OUR survival on Planet Earth requires biodiversity.

Presently, at this time Earth’s biodiversity is being destroyed faster than biodiversity replacement. At this time, science informs us we are in the midst of widespread biodiversity loss, pretty much due to a lack of understanding, and our continuing non sustainable destruction of many species, as well as, the destruction of ecosystems by unthinking, careless, and/or misguided greedy humanity.

As biodiversity decreases, concurrently, as well, chances of HUMAN survival decreases!!

Find or develop an organization or a cause devoted to embracing the protection of our home PLANET EARTH, and be mindful of your everyday habits and how YOU contribute to the problem!

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