Who Am I ?

It’s fair to say that we often ask ourselves the question WHO AM I…I AM WHO? OK, folks, it is a scientific fact that everything around us is composed of varying energy frequencies, the kitchen frying pan, the rocks in the garden, all are composed of energy, further, the alphabet of titles we have behind our name does not truly answer the burning WHO AM I question. Let’s examine our daily thought and behavior patterns. For example, our willingness to show patience, extend a hand where there is a need, make sacrifices with our time, discourage continuing hurtful harmful rumors about friends and colleagues.

We are all born with Divine Energy Essence, which for eons has been referred to as our ‘Soul’. Further and notably, we are born with Free Will. Thus with our powerful Divine Soul Energy and Freewill, we have the divine tools to evolve, develop and transmit higher mental and behavior energy frequencies in our daily lives. Accordingly, folks, we are ‘Evolving Divine Energy Entities’ from birth, having the responsibility to expand our Divine Soul Energy by channeling higher positive mental energy thought patterns and behavior pattern frequencies, we will expand the Divine Soul Energy with which we are born.

Unlock your powerful positive inner creativity, Expand Soul Consciousness AWARENESS! Our world will be better for it. YOU are ‘DIVINE’ and YOU can make a difference. PEACE!!


UR Divine Light ©2019

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