Oneness vs Separateness


Know more about yourself as a human being… who are we as members of the evolving homo-sapien race? This fundamental curiosity of who we are is widespread and generally common to us all. So we ask, what is the ESSENCE of humanity? Let’s stop, pause, and ponder on this question. Why ponder? Because, we must be more questioning and rely less on what we have been culturally conditioned to believe. What we’ve been culturally conditioned to believe in is the fundamental conceptual fallacy of ‘SEPARATENESS’… religion, ethnicity, economic status etc. all serve as ‘cunning traps’ of our lower physical personality self IN SUPPORT OF SEPARATENESS.  The Truth is, there is no separateness. It is just an illusion. There is only ONENESS. We all have a common divine inner source that binds us together as human beings, and as brothers and sisters of all living entities, including our beloved planet earth, who graciously hosts our existence as incarnated souls.

We see in this moment of time, the devastating horrific results of this notion of separateness in the acts of terrorism, counter-terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and the likes, exacerbating our sense of separateness. And, even without going to such extremes, we can see this sense of separateness between those of different ideologies, differences between family members, co-workers and friends, even sports fans. The list of meaningless examples of separateness goes on and on.

So, how can we spot and identify where we as individuals are under the influence of this conditioning of separateness? First, by taking note of every time we have something judgmental to say or think about someone else, and possibly most importantly, about ourselves.

You see, thoughts, which are energies, are the origin of all that we see and experience, and frankly, what we don’t see as well. Energies are unstoppable. They travel, penetrate and influence  all dimensions depending on their frequency. As described in many holy texts, including the Bible, it is DIVINE THOUGHT that created the Universe.

This society with which we are so many times unhappy, is created, sustained, and supported by all of our collective thought patterns. Energies of separateness, within any and all groups of people regardless of who they may be, magnify and fortify these mental barriers. Spilling over and poisoning our heart center, where we need to feel love and not harbor hate or any form of divisiveness. The destructive power of any level or form of hate, dangerously permits us to conduct ourselves negatively, and even lethally, without a second thought, against a fellow human being and against our true Divine inner nature which is simply PURE LOVE. And let’s not be fooled, these energies of SEPARATENESS eventually can consume any of us from the inside out. It only takes the mental feeding of a small seed of duality for separateness to germinate.

So let’s take a moment to reflect on the many times we all have felt separateness and said or done something hurtful to another or ourselves. For example, every time we may look into the mirror and find fault of some sort (mea culpa, I still do it), we are exercising and reinforcing our conditioning of separateness. Yes, this does mean we have to monitor or be aware of every single thought. Because as mentioned above, thoughts are the precursor to actions, whether instantly or over time.

So, the solution is to pass all of our thoughts through a filter of LOVE, for others and OURSELVES. Especially, when we feel the energies of separateness disguised as a disagreement, an annoyance, insult, or perceived disrespect at any level. They all belong to the lower self, namely the personality, a remnant of the survival instinct of our lower animal nature. Yes, we are all part animal and part spirit. And, the lower animal aspect of us must be subjugated to our higher spiritual nature and the Divine creative cause of our being. So, as it is above so shall it be below, and, as the Masters do we MUST train our hearts and minds to love others and ourselves unconditionally as far as our present evolutionary stage allows. Because unconditional love is an art-form to be perfected over our many lifetimes, and many dimensions of the Divine Creation.

Ancient scribes, such as Hermes Trismegistus’ and Toth’s writings encourage those of us who have come afterwards with guidance. Assisting all of us, the following generations, to seek and embrace light and unconditional love, the essence of Ageless Wisdom Knowledge.  We also note the eminent Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung , who expanded on these energies, even though much of his life he was a clinician.  Dr. Jung explored other realms, dreams, myths etc. in expanding his consciousness while  exploring and divesting himself from the illusionary duality. So many contributors, unto the 21st century, have come forth with their contributions guiding humanity towards the light of Attainment of Wisdom, some famous such as Jesus Christ, Mohammed, or Buddha, others less known such as Saint Germain or Dwal Khul, are all about attaining Oneness. The liberation from the confusion of trying to figure out the mélange of ‘separateness’, the ‘unreality’  of common planetary earth life experiences.

The illusionary duality is no more than the daily choices with which we are faced. We can choose to act through our higher selves or our lower selves depending on our perceptions of the moment. Creating accordingly the future circumstances of our lives. Therefore, realizing where one of the illusionary pitfalls, separateness, is affecting our behavior is paramount to collectively creating either a world of SEPARATENESS or one of ONENESS. To this point it is important to realize that all human beings have an unlimited capacity for change. Many are the stories of those who were transformed from evil-doers to saviors by the light of the Divine touching their heart chakras. John Phillip Newell, in his book The Rebirthing Of God,  refers to Carl Jung’s vision about human beings ability to change. There is a colloquial expression,  “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks”. However, without question, since the human soul is ageless, humans have tremendous capacity for change, which leads to and enables transformation.  Within every human being is life’s sacred divine essence.  It is love, especially love’s willingness to sacrifice, which holds the key to transformation, releasing again life’s essential oneness.  So, instead of seeing a “biker” and immediately thinking this person must be violent, instead say to your-self here is another incarnated soul on the path to enlightenment who is having a different experience than mine and therefore, we most likely have bits of wisdom to exchange.


I Love myself unconditionally, without the qualifying:  ‘buts” ‘ifs, ” if only” “when’s”, this is a powerful launcher for overcoming doubts about yourself, and  moving forward Your Life’s plans and purposes.  Nagging doubts about yourself and even minuscule negative self- hate energies can sabotage your personal fulfillment.  Be careful about comparing yourself with others, for example: your neighbors, colleagues, school friends, and relatives. Invidious comparisons can be Negative Energy Traps, from which extricating yourself can be very difficult. Monitor yourself! Do  not let the negative “comparison” emotional baggage thwart or unnecessarily delay fulfillment of  your life plans and purposes.

Our own experiences, studies, and research can allow us to reprogram “separateness”  which we so willingly and unquestionably believe.

Today, in this cycle of planetary development/evolution, and clearly with the advent of the internet and satellite communications, we are able to observe globally the inner spiritual creative energies of humanity being inspired to challenge, seek out, and link with others similarly inspired to participate and collaborate in the unfolding of a kinder, more just, peaceful world. Which enables us all to work out and unfold our personal talents and creativity,  benefiting ourselves, while simultaneously reaching out on a wider scale to  benefit the brotherhood of humanity. Exercising the energies of Loving Oneness launches us into a path of illumination individually and collectively.

We are advised in Russel Boulding’s book THE GREAT SHIFT,…”A vow of master-hood is permission for your energies to change within you, for opening your inner spiritual tool box, and for we Human Beings, who have always thought of ourselves as being ordinary, to begin activating the spiritual ascension layer of our DNA.”  He goes on to say, “When the Human who is sleeping awakens, there has to be a new book of wisdom. How many of you [still] carry around the books you used as children? Understand the metaphor here, and you will understand the place of old scriptural teachings in respect to the New Human Being. God never meant for instructions given in an old energy of yesterday to be carried around today, or used forever. “

Take note of the following  excerpts from Stuart Wilde’s writings that are pervasive and thought provoking for further in depth consideration and thought.

I am not a healer. I can’t be because there is no such thing. Contrary to all old-energy persuasions, healers do not ‘heal’, they ‘balance’. All true healing is facilitation for self-balance and, consequently, self-empowerment. “

I am not an evangelist. I don’t preach spurious and deceptive belief systems to sleeping humans and I don’t call anyone to follow or support synthetic dogma… fabricated pretence insidiously engineered to oppress and control the family of humanity (through fear) and to justify centuries of war and unspeakable atrocity – including mass murder and horrific torture. ALL religious indoctrination, without exception, runs dead contrary to world peace, personal sovereignty and true freedom… and needless to say spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It is simply not possible for humans to achieve true sovereignty and freedom while praying to an outside God and following the rules of an institution – especially a religious one.

 “I am not a “New Age” torchbearer. “We are most certainly in a profound and unparalleled New Energy Age, but it has very little to do with tantras, rituals, potions, chants, bewitchment, cherubs, Zen or zircons… all the old energy spiritual nebulae and metafiction that permeates New Age shops, magazines, books and expos. Exchanging litanies for mantras, crosses for crystals or mortal sin for magic spells is only ever trading one distraction for another. It’s still duality, and  duality is illusion.

 “I am not a Life Coach. I can understand a swimming coach, a football coach, a drama coach or a basketball coach, but a “LIFE” coach… oh dear! How anyone could even begin to assume the title of “LIFE” coach (and after just a short accredited* home study course in many cases) is nothing short of… well, amazing. But then the old energy world of duality is often amazing.

 The spiritual awakening to the path of change and transition into the Ageless Wisdom Energy .Path,  is the most sacred path of all.

 “Let us now first and foremost, forsaking old age duality energies, become a teacher (while still every bit the passionate student), facilitator, counselor and guide for those humans on the grandest and most sacred path of all, the spiritual awakening path of change and transition into the New Energy. I am far from alone in this new and seminal work as there are specialist New Energy teachers all over the planet now coming forth. These emerging teachers are indisputably the new and true spiritual leaders and the most powerful and credible guides. They always (indeed can only) teach from a place that is of the highest level of awareness, the greatest truth and the greatest light… a place where the intriguing and coveted state of enlightenment is the norm and integrity is the status-quo. And unlike duality’s melange of pedants and quasi-gurus, they teach from the only source of true knowledge – direct personal experience.”
Surely, we will and must continue to expand positive energy experiences by being more cordial with our neighbors, smiling to each other regardless of where we might be, defusing misunderstandings, taking responsibility for the quality of our human relations, and being more questioning of what we believe in, for when our own personal experiences awaken us and we begin to recognize, with fuller understanding and awareness of the REALITY of our own Divine Nature. Thus  we can embrace being facilitators, counselors and guides for all those embarking on the path of spiritual awakening, enabling recognition of our divinity. Yes, UR DIVINE LIGHT.

©  2015 UR Divine Light Jayda & Ben Whittier

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